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Senate brings forward its opinion on Budget Framework Paper 2017/2018-2019/2020

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In its plenary sitting of May 12, 2017 chaired by the President of Senate, the Right Honourable Bernard Makuza, the Senate Plenary Assembly finalised its proposal on Budget Framework Paper 2017/2018-2019/2020.

Presenting the Committee report on the analysis of the Budget Framework Paper 2017/2018-2019/2020 to the Assembly, the Vice-Chairperson of the Standing Committee on Economic Development and Finance, Honorable Sebuhoro Celestin explained that the analysis mainly focussed on whether fundamental principles of the Constitution of the Republic of Rwanda have been given due consideration, if the national long term planning is in line with the development programs like SDGs, Vision 2020, EDPRS II and 7YGP. In addition, the Committee proposed amendments on the drafting of the Budget bill, 2017/2018.

During the session of discussion on the report, Senators were pleased by the fact that the proposed budget 2017/2018 and budget framework paper 2017/2018-2019/2020 showcase the country’s self-sufficiency and dignity as domestic revenue is to contribute 66% to the whole budget plus 17% of loans, making the total of 83% of the entire budget.

Besides, Senators found out with satisfaction that the budget was prepared in conformity with the fundamental principles and in line with the priority programs aiming to increase productivity.

As part of their proposals, Senators suggested the extensive farming of drained swamps and lowlands so as to curb increase in prices of food products caused by adverse weather conditions, and improved research effort in seed multiplication in order to increase the availability of domestic seeds for farming purpose.

Honourable members further recommended the Government to reinforce a scientific research in economic and social welfare development sectors as well as in the field of entomology so as to protect crops against pest outbreaks.

The Senate urged the Government to provide district industrial areas with necessary infrastructure for the purpose of promotion of investment in industrial sector going hand in hand with furtherance of locally-manufactured products.

Other priorities suggested by the Senate include putting in place a sustainable strategy for export promotion and value addition for export products, advancement of technical and vocational training applied in industrial sector and in any other field enabling the youth to create new jobs. To tackle trade deficit issue, the Senate needs the government to encourage domestic use and consumption of locally-made products and goods and monitor their quality assurance.


This position of the Senate toward the budget was made by virtue of the Article 162 of the Constitution of the Republic of Rwanda of 2003 revised in 2015, stipulating that before final adoption of the State budget, the Senate must provide the Chamber of Deputies with its opinion on the State finance Bill.

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