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Parliament closes its 2nd Ordinary Session

Category: Chamber Of Deputies

The provisions of the Constitution of the Republic of Rwanda of 2003 revised in 2015, especially those of its Article 72, prescribe that the sittings of each Chamber of Parliament take place during ordinary and extraordinary sessions. In both Chambers of Parliament, ordinary sessions commence on the same day and have the same duration… It’s in this respect that both Chambers of Parliament closed their second Ordinary Sessions of 2017 on this August 7, 2017.

The President of Senate, Right Honourable Bernard Makuza made a recall on various activities carried out by the Senate during the session which covered two months since June; such as the promotion of and sensitisation to the fundamental principles provided for by Article 10 of the Constitution.

He noted that during the session, the Senate has approved the appointment of 2 senior officials and voted 9 laws approving the ratification of different agreements.

Rt. Hon. Bernard Makuza also mentioned that the Senate exercised the oversight of some Government programs, received and examined petitions and carried out field visits to local communities. He reminded that the Prime Minister presented to Parliament the Government program in its heading of energy sector.

He thanked the Senators for their commitment and hardworking during the just concluded session and urged them to continue to portray the good image of the Senate and as they keep playing their role as catalysts for country’s development.

The President of the Senate had an opportunity to appreciate how the just-concluded presidential election of 2017 was well organised and professionally conducted by the National Electoral Commission in which H E Paul Kagame emerged the winner as the RPF flagbearer with full support of other 8 political organisations and other Rwandans.

In the Chamber of Deputies, before the closure of the second session, Deputies adopted the law governing National Bank of Rwanda and 3 laws approving ratification of different agreements.

While closing the 2nd ordinary session, the Speaker, Rt. Hon. Donatille Mukabalisa commended the great work done by the Deputies through their commitment and hardworking during the session since June.

Rt. Hon. Mukabalisa also reminded the Deputies about the activities that featured the second session mainly the approval of the relevance of 9 bills and adoption of 15 laws some of which have been forwarded for promulgation, noting that a number of laws in this batch have already entered into force.

With regard to the oversight, she mentioned that the Prime Minister has presented to the Parliament the content of Government programs in energy sector. She also noted that the Deputies heard members of the Cabinet in oral questions sessions, various Standing Committees tabled their reports and she added that the Chamber of Deputies held one consultative meeting on environment.

The Speaker congratulated the participation of the Deputies in collaboration with all Rwandans during the presidential election of 2017 as a token of support the vision of H E Paul Kagame showcased by the achievements made in the national development and his agenda for the future.


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