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The 1st Parliamentary Session kicks off

Category: Chamber Of Deputies

The Article 72 of the Constitution, prescribes that Sittings of each Chamber of Parliament take place during ordinary and extraordinary sessions. In both Chambers of Parliament, ordinary sessions commence on the same day and have the same duration. In line with such provision, today, 6th February 2017, the Parliament has opened its 1st Ordinary Session of the year 2017.

Presiding over the official commencement of the Senate Session, Senate President, Rt. Hon. Bernard Makuza said that during the just concluded Senate recess, recurrent business of the House continued as usual within administrative services.

The Senate President further pointed out key activities making the entire schedule of the new Session including the monitoring of the application of fundamental principles, approval of nomination of officials, organising and holding consultative meetings and workshops.

The business of the Session will also feature the consideration of and vote on bills forwarded by the Chamber of Deputies and approval of decisions made by joint parliamentary committees. The business in the Senate during the Session will also involve oversight of the Executive, field visits to local communities, consideration of miscellaneous reports laid on the Table among other business.

The official opening of the 1st Session in the Chamber of Deputies was presided over by the Speaker Mukabalisa Donatille who first of all congratulated Members for their hard work during three preceding extraordinary sessions in the course of which urgent legislations were considered and passed.

Also during this inaugural sitting of the 1st Session, 2017, the House approved the relevance of three draft legislations namely, the draft bill repealing the Organic Law n°51/2008 of 09/09/2008 related to the organisation, functioning and jurisdictions of courts; the draft bill repealing the Organic Law n°03/2012/OL of 13/06/2012 determining the organisation, functioning and powers and jurisdiction of the Supreme Court and the draft bill instituting the Court of Appeal.

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