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Senate resolves to step up a gear in preventing and fighting transnational crimes

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Participants from across the country representing various institutions have gathered in the Senate Plenary Hall on this Tuesday, January 17, 2017 to discuss types of transnational crime and ways to forge effective response.

This consultative meeting was organized by the Senate and saw broad participation from representatives of various institutions including Ministers, Provincial Governors, the Vice Governor of the National Bank of Rwanda, law enforcement officials, heads of public and private bodies, District Mayors and heads of other organs, the mandate of which relates to the prevention of crimes.

In his opening remarks, Rt. Hon. Bernard MAKUZA, the President of the Senate, explained the rationale behind the meeting and expected outcomes.

In the same vein, he stressed that the idea to organize the consultative meeting was born out of the desire to establish the Senate’s position as embracing Rwanda’s strong commitment and political will and further recalled the principle that Rwandans from all walks of life have a part to play in seeking challenges which represent an obstacle to achieving the national vision, through dialogue and efforts towards having a shared understanding about the magnitude of and the need to take on such challenges, thus laying the foundation for consensus on prevention strategies.

He further recalled that not only does Rwanda maintain its vigilance in maintenance of security and prevention of crimes within its borders, it also needs to ensure compliance with this commitment around the globe.  

He added, “It is self-evident that the fundamental principles provided under Article 10 of the Constitution should apply not only within, but also beyond Rwanda’s boundaries especially as it relates to those acts which may pose a threat to the goals we aim for as a nation to adapt to the demands of the new century as we live in a time where the world is increasingly becoming a global village. Consequently, we cannot disregard the fact that transnational crimes have some adverse bearing on the implementation of the fundamental principles that we have set for ourselves including, but not limited to, the prevention of the genocide crime, the fight against the denial and minimization of the genocide against the Tutsi and eradication of the genocide ideology.”

After presentations given by delegates from various institutions with a focus on the types of transnational crime and responsive mechanisms, participants engaged in discussions and appreciated the great strides that are being made by Rwanda towards delivering on its commitments to ICT development which is vital to Rwanda’s successes.  Programs which garnered compliments and much appreciation from participants include those geared towards building the capacity of all the organs involved in the prevention of and fight against transnational crimes and putting in place laws punishing transnational crimes.  

However, presenters were quick to point out that despite the progress made, Rwanda faces no shortage of challenges in the prevention of and fight against transnational crimes. These include very low levels of awareness of communities concerning transnational crimes and criminals’ use of ICT and social Medias to commit crimes such as human trafficking and other cybercrimes and constant increase in the disguises used by drug traffickers to avoid and outmaneuver law enforcement.

One of the key resolutions of the meeting calls for cooperation with other countries to track transnational crimes especially with respect to investigations and fast-track the implementation of the international instruments against such crimes. Participants also called for the establishment of mechanisms for the prosecution of those who use ICT to deny and minimize the genocide against the Tutsi, commit defamation, just to name a few.

Concluding the meeting, Rt. Hon. President of the Senate thanked participants for their inputs and advice as to the strategies to be taken and called upon more efforts from across the board towards the implementation of the resolutions of the meeting with a view to supporting efforts by the Government of Rwanda to successfully combat transnational crimes. 


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