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New employees of the Senate have taken the oath

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In the swearing-in ceremony of new Senate Staff held on March 10, 2017, the President of Senate Right Honorable Bernard Makuza appreciated the value and the improvement of the work accomplished by the staff of the Senate but called them to do more in order to make the Senate an outstanding institution.

The Right Honorable Bernard Makuza saluted the improvement made by the staff in their daily works that help Senators to accomplish their duties .He said that the Senate should be a workplace where each employee feels at ease and work with joy and ambition to serve the institution and the country. Rt Honorable Makuza requested the employees who took the oath to consider its strength and observe each and every sentence of it.

“It’s clear that this oath has its strength and I hope that all who sworn in today or previously matter every word of this oath. Someone who takes the oath is committed to fulfill the tasks assigned to him/her here in Senate and his/her input to the Senate in order to help it fulfill the Senate’s mission. It needs your commitment to serve the country. I salute the work done but we need more progress and effort.” He said

Fourteen new Senate Staff who sworn in today include one Director, 11 professionals and 2 technical staff. They join others who sworn in in different times to totalize a number of 66 staff of the Senate of Rwanda.



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