23.11.2015 17:16 Age: 1 year

The MPs Confirm the Final Stage of the Constitutional Review.

Category: Chamber Of Deputies

On this Monday 23rd of November 2015, The Chamber of Deputies convened in its Plenary Hall, and approved the modifications made by the Senate to the draft amendment of the Constitution of the Republic of Rwanda of 04 June 2003 as amended to date. This adoption is a final stage of approval at the Parliament level.

The speaker of the Parliament of Rwanda the Right Honourable Donatille Mukabalisa declared “This highlights how Rwandans have made a step forward in understanding what is right for them in terms of national interest. It also displays a clear understanding of their rights as provided in by article 2 of the constitution and goes with our objectives for Rwandans to enjoy their rights to decide for our future and that of choosing their leadership and building a state governed by the rule of law and becoming self-reliant. This is a pleasing democratic step for Rwandans”

She also thanked Rwandans who brought the idea of the amendment and expressed it through petitions to the Parliament. And Members of Parliament to support the idea and the Support Commission to Parliament for the Review of the Constitution Commission for their time, energy, courage and enthusiasm through the process.

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