Deputies to visit local communities countrywide: response strategies against COVID-19 being in focus

|   Chamber Of Deputies

From 2 to 8 November 2020, Deputies will be conducting field visits around the country within the framework of oversight of Government activities in socioeconomic sectors amid COVID-19 pandemic.

Among other projects targeted by the parliamentary oversight, include the construction of classrooms and farming activities under the agricultural season A, 2020/2021. Deputies also intend to visit stalled or mismanaged government projects as spotted in reports of both the Auditor General and the Public Accounts Committee.

Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies, Rt. Hon. Mukabalisa Donatille said that “Due to the measures to mitigate Covid-19 pandemic, we will not meet with all Rwandans but only their representatives. We call upon everyone to follow and stay tuned to all Community Radio stations, various media and social media platforms. We will continue to interact with all Rwandans and take into consideration their opinions and questions.”

During the tour, MPs will hold meetings with delegates of the population on the following topics:

  • compliance with measures to contain the spread of COVID-19 pandemic ;
  • hygiene and sanitation;
  • provision of healthcare services and such other services offered by health facilities, especially during the time the Country is dealing with COVID–19 outbreak; 
  • participation in Ejo Heza saving scheme;
  • Childcare/education and protection of children against COVID–19 pandemic, especially by the time when schooling activities have been suspended.

Unlike previous years, MPs will make use of live talk shows aired on public and private community radio stations to convey their message to a wider audience, in efforts to observe measures to mitigate COVID-19.

Between 2 and 6 November, MPs will visit sampled sectors across the Country while on 8 November, they are expected to tour all sectors of the City of Kigali.

The Organic Law determining the functioning of the Chamber of Deputies stipulates that the Chamber of Deputies organises at least twice a year, visits to the population by all Deputies to carry out oversight of the Executive Branch, provide advice to the population and identify problems facing them.