Senate approves the appointments of Governors and Deputy Ombudsman

|   Senate

On this Wednesday,17 March 2021, the virtual sitting of the Senate of Rwanda approved four senior Government Officials who were recently appointed by the President of the Republic of Rwanda, those include three Governors of the Province and the Deputy Ombudsman.

The four officials are:

  • Mrs.Odette Yankurije: Deputy Ombudsman in charge of preventing and fighting injustice;
  • Mr. Habitegeko François: Governor of Western Province;
  • Mr. Dancille Nyirarugero: Governor of Northern Province;
  • Mr. Emmanuel Gasana: Governor of Eastern Province.

   Tabling the report before the plenary sitting, Chairperson of Standing Committee on Political and Governance Hon. Dushimimana Lambert said that in analyzing the profiles of the appointed officials, the committee found that they all fulfil the requirements for their respective positions and related responsibilities based on their experiences and commitments.

The powers of the Senate to approve the appointment of officials is provided for by article 86 of the Constitution of Rwanda of 2003 revised in 2015.