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Last Name : 
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Political Party : 
Province : 
Kigali – City
District : 
Kicukiro District
Phone : 
0788450591 / 0738450591
Date Of Birth : 
Postal Address : 
12th December 1969
Mobile : 
0788450591 / 0738450591
Education : 
Master’s Degree of Business Law
Important Functions : 

2008 to date  Member of Parliament (MP)

  • District Bourgumester; for 5 years!

Responsibilities by then

  • Representing His Excellence the president 0f the Republic in Rukara commune,
  • Mobilizing and collecting resources in the form of taxes to cater for both the welfare of workers and communal Development
  • Conflict prevention, management and resolution and security in the commune
  • Calling and charing all communal meetings including konseilcommunale,
  • Education,and security meetings etc…
  • Worked with National Unity and Reconciliation Commission  for 6 years
  • Mobilizing and organizing ingando for all the targeted groups
  • Carrying on advocacy activities on unity and reconciliation among the Rwandans
  • Coordinating all focal points from all provinces in unity and Reconciliation
  • Worked with National Electoral Commission for 3 years
  • Elections supervisor in Gikongoro province,
  • Also,at once:National coordinator of  youth solidarity camps- Ingado,
  • Mobilizing and working with the youth in developing the country
  • District Executive Secretary,
  • Organizing the private sector of Kayonza District to words the development of their district
  • Trying to widen the tax base of Kayonza District and Management of Few Resources Available