Rt Hon. Donatile Mukabalila urged the population of Burera to take part in Presidential elections

|   Chamber Of Deputies

The Speaker of Chamber of Deputies, Rt Hon. Donatile Mukabalisa has urged the population of Burera District to take part in the Presidential elections slated in August 2017 as well as the undergoing preparation which include the process of updating the voters’ register and many other planned activities.    

The message was addressed after a community work which took place on 25 march 2017, which involved a delegation of Deputies and the Population of Burera District, Rugarama Sector, where three kilometer road was repaired. This road leads to the pilot village whereby the population will relocated from Ruhondo and Burera lakes’ islands.

A delegation of MPs lead by the Vice President Mukama Abbas took part in community work (Umuganda) in the District of Rusizi, Rugarama Sector which involved the population of Ryankana Cell. This work consisted of excavating the land where houses to accommodate 18 families whose houses where damaged by CIMERWA works.

Hon. Mukama reminded the people of Bugarama to strengthen security, by timely providing information, by organizing night vigil in collaboration with different security organs to preserving what has been achieved.

Similarly, a delegation of Senators lead by the Vice President of the Senate, Hon. Jeanne d’Arc Gakuba joined the population of Gicumbi District, Rutare in Community work (Umuganda) which consisted in repairing the road and digging tranches to protect soil erosion.

Hon. Gakuba Jeanne D’Arc commended the population to take part in 23 rd remembrance activities of 1994 genocide of Tutsi by participating in various meetings and standing by the side of survivors of genocide, she also advised them to combat the genocide ideology whatever its form.    

Another key message that was conveyed to participants consisted of ensuring domestic hygiene, planting trees etc., the population had the opportunity to express their gratitude to Members of Parliament for the visit and joining hands with them in the Community work (Umuganda).