President of the Senate urges girls to keep on striving for better future

|   Senate

President of the Senate Right Hon. Bernard Makuza has urged girls to carry on working hard in their studies and recognize their value with self-confidence in order for them to start prepare for a better future.

President of the Senate made this remark in Rubavu District, on this Sunday 26 March, 2017 during the Promotion of Girls’ Education Campaign. In this event, Imbuto Foundation rewarded the best performing girls in National Examinations at all levels.

In this function, 36 girls rewarded different School materials including books, notebooks and computers which will help them in their studies.

In his address to the participants and students in particular, Right Hon. Makuza who was also the guest of honor in this event, acknowledged Imbuto Foundation and its leader, the First Lady of Rwanda her excellency Mrs. Jeannette Kagame, for her good initiative in encouraging girls to have self-confidence, study hard to achieve success and avoid all that which can lead girls to school dropout. He also saluted the rewarded girls for their efforts and academic excellence they demonstrated in national examinations, which is a good example to their sisters.

President of the Senate also appreciated the considerable step that has been made so far in terms of girls’ education promotion at all levels.

“Today we are very pleased for the outcome of this initiative, a good and prominent step has been made. Today, the number of girls who passed national examinations at primary school level significantly increased from 39.1 per cent in 2005 and currently stands at 55.1 per cent” said Bernard Makuza.

 “Though we made an important step, we are also requested to keep moving forward and preserve such achievements.” He added.

He also noted that giving women and girls an opportunity of using their talents and skills is key to the country’s development.

The Promotion of Girls’ Education Campaign aims at raising awareness and calling for action against gender impairment in Rwanda education system. It also seeks to encourage girls to become best performers in school as their brothers do.