“Life expectancy in Rwanda has improved” - PM Murekezi

|   Chamber Of Deputies

Rwanda life expectancy has risen from 49 in 2000 to 66.7 in 2015, this is a significant step which is made by few countries in the World.

This remark was made yesterday by the Prime Minister Anastase Murekezi while addressing both Chambers of the Parliament in joint sitting about the State of health in the country.

The Prime Minister stated that this improvement of life expectancy has been a combination of many efforts in different health care Government programs as well as infrastructures used in healthcare.

Maternal death rate has decreased from 476 -100,000 to 210, this was due to the fact that the rate of women who give birth at Health Centre has risen to 90%, while the under-five child mortality rate has decreased from 76 per 1000 to 50 per 1000 this was also due to  99% vaccination rate of children and mothers. 

He added that this significant improvement in health care was also due to the fact that each village has got at least 3 health counselors with a total of 45,516 health counsellors’ country wide.

These health counselors provide health service delivery which include among others protecting and preventing diseases caused by poor hygiene, to deliver drugs for TB, to take care of malaria and other diseases caused by poor hygiene like diarrhea, respiratory diseases, to take care of mothers and children, delivering family planning pills and monitoring child growth and combating mal nutritional diseases.   

The Prime Minister also added that health centers have significantly increased whereby we have registered 471 health Posts at cell level, 499 health centers at Sector level and 36 Districts hospitals and 7 referral hospitals that deliver a health service at a higher level.

Speaking about delivering health service on incurable diseases, the Premier Murekezi stated that: in order to assist the community to reduce the cost of taking care of incurable diseases in hospitals, in February 2017, a home health care program for patients with incurable diseases and a palliative care was launched whereby 210 youth who have completed secondary school were trained to delivery such service. This program has been launched in 9 Districts like in Nyarugenge, Rwamagana, Ngoma, Rulindo, Ruhango, Huye, Karongi, Nyamasheke and Musanze.

With regarding to infrastructure facilities, the Prime Minister Murekezi said that many hospital facilities have been built in different areas notably the hospital of Kinihira, Ruhango, Bushenge, Kirehe, Rutare, and Masaka and recently a new hospital of Shyira have been built for the replacement of the old one.


Among health works, the Head of the Government stated that Rwanda has 19,951 workers, 14,482 are health workers including 1,089 general practitioners, 303 medical specialists, 10,795 nurses, 752 midwives, and 1,543 Lab technicians.  

PM Murekezi added that Rwanda has 1 doctor out 10,055 while WHO statistics standard is 1/1,000, 1 nurse out of 1,094 WHO standard is 1/3,000 and 1 lab technician out 1,543.  

The PM’s address to both Chambers of Parliament in joint sitting about some of Government activities that indicate how the Government implements its programs as provided for in article 133 of the Constitution of the Republic of Rwanda revised in 2015.