Parliament has closed its first Ordinary Session of 2017

|   Chamber Of Deputies

Pursuant to the Constitution of the Republic of Rwanda of 2003 revised in 2015, especially in its article 72, sittings sessions of Chambers of Parliament take place during three ordinary sessions and the duration of every session is two months. It is in that frame work that on April 4th 2017, the Parliament of Rwanda has closed its first ordinary session of 2017.

In his closing speech to Senators, the Right Honorable Bernard MAKUZA, President of the Senate, indicated that during  the relevant session which covered two months, the Senate  continued the implimentation of its mission especifically the mission of monitoring the application of fundamental principles and more specifically the Senate has started a campaign to promoting these priniciples in different institutions for them to implement it.


The Senate Committee has launched an activity of monitoring the application of a fundemental principle regarding the eradication of discrimination and divisionismbased on ethnicity, region or on other ground as well as promotion of national unity.


He also noted that during this session, the Senate continued its research on the nature of negationism and revisionism of Genocide against the Tutsi that occur in foreign countries but with impact on Rwanda.


Honorable MAKUZA stated that the Senate adopted 2 bills. After examining these two draft bills the Senate decide to resend back to the Chamber of Deputies because they were irrelevant  in accordance with the Constitution. He also reminded that the Prime Minister presented to the Parliament the Government program with regard to health.

The Right Honorable MAKUZA said that the Senate received different visitors during this session. He reminded that Senators participated in different meetings and activities of parliamentary forums.

Honorable MAKUZA close his remarks with a vote of thanks to the Senators for their commitment and hardworking during the session and urged them to continue to give a better image of  the Senate and by being a catalyst for effectiveness and the country’s development.

In the Chamber of Deputies, before closing the first ordinary session, Deputies had an opportunity to seek information from the Minister of Agriculture and Animal husbandry and environment Honorable Dr Mukeshimana Gerdine during an oral question session where she answered questions of Deputies. These questions were raised up by the Standing Committee on Agriculture and animal husbandry and environment as well as the Committee on foreign affairs and security on visits made in different Districts with regard the agriculture and animal husbandry. Deputies were satisfied with the explanations provided by the Minister Mukeshimana Gerdine,

In her speech of closing the session, Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies, MUKABALISA Donatille expressed her gratitude to Deputies  for their hard working in this  session and urged them to carry on in other session to come for the fulfillment of their mission of representing the people.

The Right Honorable Mukabalisa reminded that during this session the Chamber of Deputies approved the relevance of 20 draft bills, many of these draft bills were approved is still under consideration by the Standing Committees. She also noted that 22 laws were voted some of these laws have been sent for promulgation and others are being proofread to be sent for promulgation.

With regard to foreign affairs, the Speaker stated that the Parliament of Rwanda received different visitors among them she mentioned members of the East African legislative Assembly who held their session in Rwanda parliament facilities. She added that all guests shown satisfaction by writing with hospitality that they got.  

She closed her remarks by urging them to participate in various meetings during the commemoration of 23rd anniversary of the 1994 genocide of Tutsi.