Speaker urges youth to ignore divisionism propaganda

|   Chamber Of Deputies

The Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies, Rt. Hon. Mukabalisa Donatille urged the youth to pay no attention to the divisionism propaganda spread by ill-intentioned people intending to mislead them but instead work for national unity and their prosperity leading to betterment of the nation free of any type of divisionism and driven by Rwandan values.

She made this call on 26 April 2017 during the 23rd genocide commemoration ceremony held in Mugina Sector of Kamonyi District, specifically dedicated to the memory of Tutsi killed in former Mugina Commune.

Speaking at the ceremony, Madam Speaker said that the Genocide was characterised by unthinkable cruelty to the level that perpetrators, fiercer than animals, did not hesitate to kill babies, something which even predators can dare to do.

She went on saying that the Genocide was made possible by a bad leadership that propagated the ideology of genocide to citizens, stirring them into killing their fellow neighbours. Such an ideology was taught even to the youth by school teachers as well as by parents in their homes.

Against that back ground, the Speaker took that opportunity to urge Rwandans in general and young people in particular, to join hands in dealing with malicious genocide ideologists intending to mess up Rwanda’s progress.

“Some people either Rwandans or foreigners who planned and participated in the Genocide against Tutsi in 1994 are still backward, genocide ideology, its denial and revisionism are still fresh in their minds. They are still propelling hatred and divisionism. We therefore, need to join efforts and fight them and I am sure we will defeat them.” She said.

The Speaker further encouraged all Rwandans to always stand by genocide survivors, comfort them especially during the commemoration period.

According to the District Mayor, Mr. Udahemuka Aimable, over 5000 Tutsi were killed in [former] Mugina Commune, many of them had come to seek sanctuary at Mugina Parish when they were killed. As of today, about 40011 genocide victims have been laid to rest in the Mugina genocide memorial site.