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The Chamber of Deputies to call Minister of Education over quality education

|   Chamber Of Deputies

On June 12, 2020, The plenary sitting of the Chamber of Deputies adopted to summon the Minister of Education after the presentation of the report by the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Education, Technology, Culture and Youth on the oversight tour made from February 03 to 14, 2020 in all Provinces and the City of Kigali to assess the education sector in Rwanda.

While presenting the Committee report, its Chairperson Hon. Nyabyenda Damien told the Plenary Assembly that, they met with different groups including the district authorities, the staff in charge of education at districts and sector levels, stakeholders in education, teachers as well as parent’s committees and assessed the challenges that stuck the education quality.

Hon Nyabyenda said that they witnessed some problems that are hindering the quality of education, among others overcrowding in classrooms where some schools have 120 students per teacher, and teachers told the Committee that it’s quite impossible to have a quality education with such a number in 40 minutes of every subject.

Hon. Nyabyenda said that while meeting teachers, the committee observed the recklessness of some parents in the education of their children which lead to drop out. The teachers also complained about the automatic promotion, saying it makes some children negligent and impact their exit level.

Moreover, the Committee found out well-equipped schools with electricity, laboratories and computers, but also some schools with no equipment and both are subject to the same exam where failure seems to be obvious for non-equipped schools.

For children with disability, Hon Nyabyenda said that there is inclusive education in some schools where students with different disabilities perform well, but teachers in many schools claim for the lack of capacity building programmes.

After the debate of parliamentarians on the report, the plenary sitting adopted the resolution to summon the Minister of Education to give oral explanations on how challenges of the education quality are being tackled.