Parliament starts the 2nd Ordinary Session of the year 2019-2020

|   Chamber Of Deputies

On this Wednesday 5 February 2020 the Parliament of Rwanda both Chambers started the Second Ordinary Session of the year 2019-2020 as stipulated in article 72 of the Constitution of the Republic of Rwanda of 2003 revised in 2015.

In his remarks, while opening the Second Ordinary Session, President of the Senate, Right Hon. Augustin Iyamuremye highlighted the activities carried out by the Senators during the First Ordinary Session and extraordinary Session. Thus, He expressed his gratitude to the Senators’ commitment and their good work to discharge their duties.

“Let me take this opportunity at the beginning of this second Ordinary Session to thank you for work well done during and after the previous ordinary session, let me hope that we will continue to show such commitment to achieve our responsibilities”. He said 

Some of these activities that have been carried out by the Senators, as tackled by the President of the Senate, include the interactions and meetings with different diplomatic corps members; the activities of the standing committees, mainly the activity prepared by Committee on Foreign affairs, Cooperation and Security of conducting a campaign to disseminate in various universities and higher learning institutions all over the country, the findings of the research conducted by the Senate of Rwanda into forms of and strategies to counter denial and revisionism of the Genocide against the Tutsi in foreign countries and other activities Parliamentary Forums among other. 

In the Plenary Sitting, the Senators approved the report tabled by the Standing Committee on Social Affairs and Human Rights on the analysis of the Report on the activities of National Commission for Human Rights of the 2018-2019 and activity plan of the year 2019-2020. The Senators decided to conduct an analysis on the root cause of the violation of human rights that is still obstructing the implementation of fundamental principles stated in article 10 of the national Constitution.

In the Chamber of Deputies, The Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies, Donatille Mukabalisa reminded the mandate of the Deputies comprising the legislation and the oversight of activities of the Government through different methods including the activities of Standing Committees plenary session and field work among others, all in line of improving the development of the country and the welfare of Rwandans.

She also underlined that the purpose of these field work is to find sustainable solutions to the challenges and other issues that prevent the development of citizens in collaboration with other institutions. 

In this Plenary Session, the Deputies also approved the relevance of the Draft organic law establishing general provisions governing public institutions and the relevance of the Draft law governing cooperative organisations in Rwanda.