Three Ministers summoned over issues found in outreach programme of MPs

|   Chamber Of Deputies

This February 13, 2020, the plenary sitting of the Chamber of Deputies resolved, among others, to summon Minister of Infrastructure, Minister of Environment, and Minister of Finance and Economic Planning, to give oral explanations on issues that MPs found in the activities of outreach conducted all over the country in December 2019 and January 2020. 

As results of the discussions on the findings of the activity of Outreach, MPs resolved to request the Minister of Infrastructure to appear before parliament to clarify issues found in roads construction that are ultimately found to be substandard; measure in place to fix issues of rainwater that damages infrastructure; issues of damaged bridges and roads that districts can’t afford to repair, measures to repair damaged water infrastructures that no longer serve, measures to financially support the construction of laterite roads built under VUP program; measures to build durable bridges and road ditches and to highlight the status of implementation of districts and cities master plans. 

The Chamber of Deputies summons Minister of Environment to explain measures that are in place to safeguard and capitalise on the natural resource of water from steams, from rain and wastewaters, sustainable measures to contain rain waters from volcanos that destroy citizens’ properties and infrastructure and to clarify on measures in place governing the public forests management.

The Finance and Economic Planning Minister will explain before the parliament the status of outstanding expropriation dues and measures to put an end to unpaid expenses of the Rwanda Security Board for the hospitals and health centres.

The Chamber of Deputies approved recommendations to the Ministry of Local Government, the Ministry of ICT and Innovation, and the Ministry of Health, to attend challenges and issues encountered during the outreach programme.

Additionally, the plenary sitting of the Chamber of Deputies requested the Auditor General to conduct a performance audit on the implementation of the projects of construction of feeder roads to identify issues and challenges they faced and to examine impacts these projects had on people as intended in their initiation.

The Chamber of Deputies requested the Prime Minister to present, within 6 months after receiving the recommendations the report on their implementation.

In December 2019 and January 2020, all Deputies conducted activity of outreach in all Cells of the country in the framework of oversight on the development of basic infrastructure and those of ICT. In each cell, the program would be concluded by meetings in which MPs would elaborate with citizens on a several topics concerning the betterment of their welfare.