MPs Vote the Amending Act on the State Finance Law, 2019-2020

|   Chamber Of Deputies

The Plenary Assembly of the Chamber of Deputies in its sitting of 26/02/2020 chaired by the House Speaker, Rt. Hon. Mukabalisa Donatille passed the legislation modifying the Law N° 014/2019 of 30/06/2019 on the State finance for 2019/2020 period.

Hon. Prof Munyaneza Omar, Chairperson of the National Budget and Patrimony Committee tabling the committee report on the consideration of the bill told the Assembly that the said bill was found to be consistent with the Organic Law on State finances and property, 2013.

According to him, some public institutions was their budget reduced, because it was foreseen that some of their planned projects were likely to be extended over next fiscal year, hence the need to reallocate pertaining funds to other priority projects for 2019-2020. This situation prompted a budget increase in some other institutions with priority programmes.

The revised national budget bears an increase of FRW 140.1 to add up to FRW 3,017.1 compared to FRW 2,876.9 voted by the Parliament in June 2019.

After the debate which followed the presentation of the Committee Chairperson, the Assembly approved it and proceeded with the vote of the legislation modifying the State finance Law no 014/2019 of 30/06/2019.