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Parliament commemorates victims of Genocide against Tutsi

|   Chamber Of Deputies

On 21 April 2017, MPs and staff held in the parliamentary building the 23rd edition of commemoration ceremony of the Genocide against the Tutsi during a memorial night vigil marked by a number of presentations and speeches conveying the message meant to fight genocide ideology.

In his address, the President of the Senate, the Rt. Hon. Bernard Makuza said that the event was in the framework of 100-day national commemoration through which Rwandans intend to remember parents, relatives, friends, neighbours; brief, all Rwandans who were killed in the genocide against the Tutsi in 1994.

He reminded honourable members that they should always keep in mind that the genocide was planned by bad leadership, giving to politicians of today a mission to do anything possible to fight genocide ideology and defeat malicious people who still seek to jeopardize the Country.

The Rt. Hon. Makuza put: “remember the oath we took whereby we solemnly sworn to Rwanda to strive for national unity and safeguard the interests of the Rwandan people. This is undoubtedly the pact we have signed to uphold the choice made by citizens as reflected in fundamental principles stated in the Constitution. Those fundamental principles include among others: prevention and punishment of the crime of genocide, fighting against denial and revisionism of genocide as well as eradication of genocide ideology; discrimination and divisionism and work for the promotion of national unity”.

 The President of the Senate also hailed the bravery of the RPA 600-men [positioned in the parliament building in 1994] who successfully, despite their limited number, rescued victims around Kigali, to subsequently join hand with other RPA troops to extend the Campaign against Genocide across the whole country.

Another speaker during the event was Brig. Gen. Charles Karamba who delivered a presentation on the history of the Campaign against Genocide. In his presentation, he stated that RPA had a triple objective which they successfully achieved: to stop genocide, liberate the country and pacify it. He continued by commending the strong leadership which made it possible even though they had to face a well-equipped enemy enjoying a foreign support.

The representative of IBUKA Association, Mr. Naftal Ahishakiye talking to the assembly, requested the Parliament that the new bill on the punishment of the crime of genocide ideology would be fast-tracked in order to get an improved instrument meant to add efforts in prevention and fight against genocide ideologists.

Apart from this event, MPs visited Rukumberi and Nyanza Genocide Memorial Sites. They are expected also to visit the Rubavu Memorial Site in the near future. PMs are also involved in genocide commemoration activities across the Country and those organised by the Anti-Genocide Parliamentary Forum (AGPF).