Senate expressed its opinions on BFP

|   Senate

On this Thursday, May 28, 2020, the plenary sitting of the Senate of Rwanda approved its opinions on the Budget Framework Paper (BFP) for the year 2020/2021 and the Medium Term Expenditure Framework 2020/21-2022/23(MTEF).

Following a presentation by Senator Nkusi Juvénal of the report of Economic Development and Finance Committee that considered this BFP, the senatorial plenary sitting commended the measures taken by the Government of Rwanda to combat the COVID-19 pandemic and its consequences. 

The senators called for the budget to consider increasing ICT infrastructures and addressing the challenges posed by the use of technology in this period of COVID-19, for it to further assist in good service delivery, financial services development and to assist in the education sector.

The Senate plenary called for the expeditious restoration of agricultural infrastructures damaged by the last torrential rains, to enable them to be used for production during the C-cropping season, and to sensitize the community to opt for the crops that grow faster and other crops that help the community to get more sustainable food and to properly store the yields obtained. The Senate calls for the introduction of small-animal husbandry programs to help the community improve their financial capacities, fight malnutrition and access to fertilizer.

The Senate also called for the budget to help fast-track the construction of affordable houses in Kigali City and its secondary cities, and to address challenges hindering the good implantation of this program, in a way that provides employment to the residents of those cities. The Assembly also called for the completion of the establishment of a Cooperative Bank based on SACCOs so that they could get the capital and money to lend to the members.

The plenary sitting stressed that the public funds should be properly managed and used for its intended purposes and that its managers should be held accountable and answerable on how they fulfil their responsibilities and that the recommendations made by the Auditor General be complied with.

In accordance with Article 162 of the Constitution of the Republic of Rwanda; and Article 88 of the Organic Law determining the Functioning of the Senate, before the State Budget is finally approved, the Senate expresses its opinions on it.