MPs positive about the progress made in trade

|   Chamber Of Deputies

In line with the provisions of the Article 133 of the Constitution of Rwanda stipulating that “once in a session of Parliament, the Prime Minister comes to inform both Chambers of Parliament in a joint sitting, about Government activities”, the Prime Minister, Rt. Hon. Dr Edouard Ngirente briefed the Parliament in its joint sitting of 11/07/2019 of the government activities in the trade sector focusing on activities reached in terms of promoting both domestic and international trade as well envisaged plan of action for 2017-2024 period.

He said that Rwanda has put more efforts in developing more infrastructure to meet international standards of doing business, such as cross border markets, stores including cold ones, milk collection centres and roads.

The premier Ngirente indicated that foreign direct investment has increased by 18.6% compared to investment rate average of 9.6%. This went hand in hand with and balance of trade that grew up to 73.8% with proceeds of informal cross border trade amounting to USD 105 million in 2018 mainly thanks to the promotion of Made in Rwanda policy.

The Premier went on saying that agriculture and livestock produce such as Irish potatoes, rice, corn, and milk have also increased in quantity that led to the rise in manufactures and trade in commodities and services during the last five years.

After the presentation of the Premier, MPs were impressed by the progress made in trade so far but demanded more action in a bid to ensure a comprehensive socioeconomic transformation with an emphasis on rural community.

The Prime Minister welcomed different opinions and contribution brought forth by MPs and thanked the Parliament for its unwavering support to government projects aimed at socioeconomic development especially in the field of international trade and cooperation.