Senators joined the residents of Rwamagana and Rulindo in Community work of January 2020.

|   Senate

This 25 January 2020, President of the Senate, Rt. Hon. Dr Iyamuremye Augustin, together with a delegation of Senators, joined the residents of the Sector of Shyorongi in the District of Rulindo in the Northern Province in community work, while the other delegation led by the Vice President of the Senate, Hon. Dr Mukabaramba Alvera was in the Sector of Nzige in the District of Rwamagana in the Eastern Province.

In the Sector of Shyorongi, Senators with residents repaired a road of 3.5 km passing by the Secondary School of Stella Matutina and Shyorongi Stadium, while, in the Sector of Nzige, the community work repaired the road linking Nzige and Muyumbu Sectors.

During the meeting after the community work, the general message was about the National Heroes Day to be celebrated on 1st February 2020. Senators urged the residents of Rulindo and Rwamagana sector to honour our heroes by recognizing and learning from their good examples showcased through their patriotism and sacrifices for the unity of all Rwandans.

In his address, the President of the Senate, Rt. Hon. Dr Iyamuremye Augustin explained the functioning of the Senate, especially in its particular responsibilities regarding the monitoring of the application of the fundamental principles as stipulated in the article 10 of the Constitution, pointing out that one of the fundamentals that is on building a State committed to promoting social welfare and establishing appropriate mechanisms for equal opportunity to social justice is the reason of gathering for that day on Umuganda Community monthly activities.

While addressing the residents of Nzige Sector, Vice President of the Senate, Hon. Dr Mukabaramba Alvera urged them to keep the quality of the maize harvest so that they may find good markets.

Citizens were allowed to ask questions and give suggestions, most of them commended the achievements they have made and thanked the leadership of the country led by the President of the Republic. However, some citizens of the Sector of Nzige called for advocacy for clean water access.