Fifty-Six Public Institutions Started Appearing Before PAC

|   Chamber Of Deputies

Starting this Monday, 14 September 2020, managers of 56 public institutions are via webinar appearing before the Public Account Committee (PAC) as part of public hearing sessions to probe poor management of State finances as reported by the Office of the Auditor General (OAG) during the financial year ended June 2019.

This process comes in after a thorough analysis of the OAG report for the fiscal year 2018-2019 whereby the PAC noted several flaws in the management of public funds that were worth further scrutiny so as to identify pertaining causes and suggest sustainable way out. The aim of the move is to bring those responsible to account and ensure furtherance of sound management of public finances, transparency and accountability.

Hon. Valens Muhakwa, PAC Chairperson, disclosed to the media that institutions were summoned based on serious flaws spotted in their compliance with rules and regulations governing public spending as well as in making financial statements, which earned them adverse opinion by the OAG.

“We looked into how public spending ended up providing value for money, hence leading to intended socioeconomic transformation. We also appraised the extent to which institutions implemented OAG recommendations towards improvement of public finances management”, he explained.

Hon. Muhakwa assures that holding public hearings via webinar will not impact negatively the smooth running of the process, since it has now become a usual tool of conducting business virtually, amidst COVID-19 outbreak. He added that the media will be fully involved in the process so as to keep the general public informed.

On annually basis, the PAC analyses the OAG report and proposes recommendations to the Plenary Assembly and once adopted, they are referred to relevant Government agencies for implementation. Such a course has to be concluded within 6 months following the tabling of OAG Report in Parliament.