MPs start the 2nd Ordinary Session of 2020/2021

|   Chamber Of Deputies

As stated in article 72 of the Constitution of the Republic of Rwanda of 2003 revised in 2015, on 5 February 2021, the Parliament of Rwanda (both Chambers) started the 2nd Ordinary Session of 2020/2021, the plenary sittings in both chambers were held virtually to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

Basing on the request of the Parliament of Rwanda due to the spread of Covid-19, on the 4th February 2021, the Supreme Court ruled that both chambers can hold their plenary sessions virtually due to force majeure or unexpected circumstances that are insurmountable as stated in article 69 of the National Constitution.

The President of the Senate, Rt Hon. Augustin Iyamuremye noted the essential activities scheduled in this period include but not limited to the supervision of the implementation of fundamental principles stipulated in article 10 of the National Constitution, supervising the functioning of political parties, approving the appointment of high officials, voting laws, oversight of government actions. 

On the other side, Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies Rt Hon. Donatille Mukabalisa commended Members of Parliament for their outstanding courage in their daily work through standing committees’ activities and their participation in international webinar meetings.

She also said that even though Members of Parliaments do not meet citizens as it used to be due to the measures of containing the spread of Covid-19, but the parliament will use the current technology to receive people’s opinions and to know all problems they face so that they can be sorted out. 

In activities to be carried out in the Second Ordinary, Speaker said that the Chamber of Deputies will vote different laws and approve the relevance of different draft laws including draft law amending the national budget of the year 2020/2021.

Speaker Mukabalisa also said that in this period, the Chamber of Deputies will be summoning some ministers and state ministers to present before the Plenary Session the Government activities. She added that the Prime Minister will present before the Plenary Session the Government actions, while Minister of Finance and Economic Planning will present the state of the national economy and national budget.

The Speaker calls MPs to keep providing their contribution in the measures put in place to contain the pandemic of Covid-19 and to be examples in their communities by sensitizing and explaining to the population how to cope with the spread of Covid-19.