Parliament and APF hold a workshop on oversight issues

|   Chamber Of Deputies

The Parliament of Rwanda in conjunction with the Parliamentary Assembly of La Francophonie has organised a seminar-workshop for parliamentarians on the process of oversight to ensure the good management of the public finance and the integration of gender equality in the legislative process as well as women economic empowerment. The workshop is underway from Monday, October 21 until October 24, 2019.

In her official opening address of the seminar, Rt. Hon. Mukabalisa, Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies, welcomed all the speakers and participants, both domestic and foreigners, thanking them for their presence despite their tight schedules.

She also thanked the APF for organizing that informative seminar, reminding that it is subsequent to another one held last month, which is a token of willingness to strengthen the partnership with the Rwanda Parliament, hence a boost to the Francophone family.

In a message read by Ms Maryse Gaudrault MP, Vice-President of the Quebec Parliamentary Assembly and President of the Network of Women Parliamentarians of the APF, Mr Jacques Krabal, Secretary-General of the APF thanked Rwanda Parliament for hosting the seminar. He went on highlighting that the diversified themes to be developed during the program are of great importance for Rwanda and for all the parliaments of the French-speaking world who are engaged in a vast project of consolidation and institutionalization of women economic empowerment and that such type of exchange appears particularly necessary for the APF, as it allows the experience and knowledge sharing, as far as the institutional systems and parliamentary function are concerned.

The Parliamentary Assembly of La Francophonie has 88 member parliaments on five continents and the French language is ranked fifth among the most widely spoken languages in the world, with 300 million users.


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