The Parliament approve FRW 2,876 bn State budget

|   Chamber Of Deputies

The Plenary Assembly of the Chamber of Deputies in its sitting of 27 June 2019 chaired by the Speaker, Rt. Hon. Mukabalisa Donatille considered the State finance bill, 2019-2020 as tabled by the standing Committee on Budget and National Patrimony.

While presenting the bill, Hon. Prof. Munyaneza Omar, Chairperson the Committee told the Assembly that the said bill has been carefully considered in collaboration with concerned stakeholders making sure people’s expectations are met towards a steady socioeconomic transformation. That way, an amount of Frw 64,758,630,562 was added on budget estimates to bridge the gaps identified by MPs during the consideration of the BFP (Budget Framework Paper) 2019/2020-2021/2022.

For fiscal year, 2019-2020, the budget is shared among NST1 pillars as follows:

  • Economic Transformation: Frw 1,636.6 bn, that is 56.9%;
  •  Social Transformation: Frw 781.6 bn, that is 27.2%; 
  • Transformational Governance: Frw 458.7 bn, that is 15.9%.

The agriculture sector was given a special attention while allocating budget with a total of Frw 32.4 bn meant to insure food security through improving seeds and extending irrigation and agriculture infrastructure and operating agriculture reforms.

After debates about committee report on the finance bill, the Parliament voted the State finance bill governing allocation of a State budget, 2019-2020 amounting to Frw 2,876 bn in total.