Senators commiserate with Gakenke residents after floods and landslides

|   Senate
Senators building a bridge in Umuganda

After the disaster that has shaken Gakenke District, took the lives of people and destroyed a number of infrastructures, this Tuesday 17 May 2016, a delegation of Senators joined the residents of this district in Mugunga Sector to support them in special community work (Umuganda).

Senators worked together with the people to reconstruct Mugunga bridge which is the only way to the headquarters of Mugunga sector. It was destroyed by torrential rain on May 8, 2016.

In his speech to the population of Mugunga sector, Hon. Musabeyezu Narcisse who spoke on behalf of his counterparts, commiserated with the residents of Gekenke for the disaster which shook them, and told them that authorities are aware of it and searching for solutions. However, He called the residents of Mugunga for the cleanliness,because cleanliness sustains healthy life and protects against parasites especially in a case like theirs.

He also called the people to avoid the schools dropouts «do your best and work together and prevent dropouts, because we have no other wealth to inherit to our children except the knowledge that will enable them to prepare a bright future, prosper and develop the country”. Said Hon. Musabeyezu.

After liaising with the inhabitants of Mugunga Sector, Senators with district authorities visited Nyarutovu Bridge, another bridge completely collapsed by the overflow of the river.

Early in May 2016, the heavy rains and landslides tragically claimed the lives to 50 Rwandans and destroyed homes and public infrastructure including roads and fields in the districts of Gakenke, Muhanga, Rubavu and Ngororero.