The Senate plenary session examined reports from two different committees

|   Chamber Of Deputies

Tuesday on 2013, 2nd April, The Senate plenary session examined the following reports from two different committees.

1.Investigation report on the problems of Congo refugies in Rwanda and the pathway to solutions.


2.The report of social, human rights and petition commitee, on the report of human rights committee of 2011-2012.


Concerning this report, the Senate appreciates the role of
human rights committee in helping Rwandans and administrative organs to respect fondamental principals,in the 9th article of the Constitution of the Republic of Rwanda of 04-6-2003 as amended to date.

The Senate, after analyzing the human rights committee report of 2011-2012, appreciates the step of Rwanda in respecting human rights, but some need more attention, thus, it recommends the following: 


1.To speed up the implementation of strategies to support vulnerable, especially people with disabilities and historically marginalized people.


2.Examine the way that Elders are free and powered in the functioning and leadership of the general assemblies for the latter help in preventing and resolving conflicts in Rwandan community.


3.To support RNP to respect fundamental rights of prisoners for security and legal proceedings reasons.


In order to respect the insurance of maternity, in 66th article of the law no 13/2009 of 27/05/2009 governing labour code in Rwanda, the Government should:

1.Start maternity insurance respecting the principle of Maternity protection; shared
responsibility of Government and Society

2.Starting the process of authorizing the ratification of
International Labour Organisation/ILO aiming at Maternity Protection Convention, 2000 (no 183).