MPs to study the City of Kigali governance changes

|   Chamber Of Deputies

The Plenary Assembly of the Chamber of Deputies on April 25, 2019 approved the relevance of the draft law governing the City of Kigali. The Plenary Assembly was chaired by Rt. Hon. Mukabalisa Donatille.                                                                                                                  

The draft law has been introduced pursuant to the Constitution of the Republic of Rwanda of 2003 revised in 2015 which provides that there must be a law governing the City of Kigali as the capital of the Republic of Rwanda. 

Tabling the draft law before Members on behalf of the government, the Minister of Local Government, Hon. Prof. Shyaka Anastase noted that the City of Kigali is growing daily in an exceptional manner compared to other decentralized administrative entities, resulting in the City of Kigali requiring various modern infrastructure and settlement patterns, to name but a few. 

The draft law will bring about changes in the functions of members of the Executive Committee and pave the way for new functions, namely the Vice Mayor in charge of Urban Planning and Infrastructure and the Vice Mayer in charge of Socio-Economic Affairs. Also, the draft law will entail the decrease in the number of members of the Council of the City of Kigali who’ll be chosen on the basis of their skills and experience.

The draft law is expected to result in Districts of the City of Kigali losing legal personality with their responsibilities being placed under the City of Kigali. Districts will retain the responsibility to provide services in relation to social-economic development.

The draft law provides for the possibility of setting up, if necessary, an Advisory Committee tasked with advising the City of Kigali.

The draft law further provides for the appointment of some managers of the City of Kigali without making use of competition due to the expertise expected from them. The structure of the Districts of the City of Kigali will change as well because the management organs of Districts will consist of the executive organ and the corporate services organ. The executive organ will be assisted by the security committee. 

Simply put, the executive organ will be headed by the District Chief Administrator and the Deputy District Chief Administrator who’ll be appointed by a Presidential Order for a renewable 5-year term.

According to Hon. Shyaka, this draft law consisting of 46 Articles is expected to help address various issues cropping up at a time when Rwanda is rapidly making progress.  

After consideration of the explanatory note of the draft law, Members approved its relevance and recommended that the draft law should be fine-tuned in the committee to avoid a situation whereby it can contribute to hindering the decentralization policy.