MPs to resume outreach activities dedicated to infrastructure development

|   Chamber Of Deputies

After a successful field visit in Eastern Province and the City of Kigali, on 7th January 2020, Members of Parliament/Chamber of Deputies will continue the activities of reaching out to community members in all Cells of the Southern Province focusing on the status of development of basic infrastructure and ICT facilities in particular.

The target infrastructure includes roads, drinking water adduction and distribution, electricity facilities (generated by hydropower plants, solar energy, methane gas, peat energy, etc) and ICT equipment.

During this campaign, Deputies hold meetings with residents on citizen involvement in community development projects, how members of the Rwandan society deal with problems they may face and how they work out their solutions.

This series of visits further intend to tighten ties between citizens and their elected representatives, raise the public opinion about citizen involvement in community-centered projects, raise awareness of the public about laws and regulations in force and nurture the culture of home-grown solutions.

Visits in remaining Provinces are scheduled as follows:

 7-11 January 2020: Southern Province;

   13-17 January 2020: Western Province;

   20-25 January 2020: Northern Province.

Infrastructure development is one of the main pillars of the Vision 2020, which is drawing to an end and one of the main targets of Vision 2050, which is around the corner. Development of essential infrastructure such as roads, water adduction, electricity, ICT facilities have been priority when it comes to budget allocation. Therefore, it is worthwhile for Members of Parliament to keep monitoring progress of infrastructure development and its distribution across the country as well as the extent to which it is serving as a vector of national growth and development.

The Organic Law determining the functioning of the Chamber of Deputies stipulates that the Chamber of Deputies organises at least twice a year, visits to the population by all Deputies to carry out oversight of the Executive Branch, provide advice to the population and identify problems facing them.