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Senate News

Senators adopt relevance of two health draft laws.

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This Monday on 07th  October 2013, the Senate plenary session has considered the relevance of a draft law establishing the University Teaching Hospital (UTH) and Determining its Mission, Organization and Functioning and Draft Law Governing the Organisation, Functioning and Management of Health Insurance Schemes in Rwanda;

The Draft law establishing the University Teaching Hospital (UTH) and Determining its Mission, Organization and Functioning:

A University Teaching Hospital is an academic referral Hospital which has five main objectives :

      To Provide quality health care;

      To contribute to the medical education;

      to conduct research in health issues;

      to support  the District hospitals  in order  to improve the staff skills;

      to establish partnership and collaborate with other institutions at, national, regional and international level with similar missions 


Draft Law Governing the Organization, Functioning and Management of Health Insurance Schemes in Rwanda:

The law establishing CBHIS provides for compulsory health insurance for all Rwandans and foreigners who enter the Rwandan territory. This provision and other general provisions of health insurance nature must be encompassed under a general health insurance law so that other laws or regulations that establish other health insurance schemes only creating specific health insurance schemes provide for internal organizations.

Furthermore, this law encompasses general provisions that were hitherto provided for under different laws e.g. RAMA and MMI provisions providing for different minimum healthcare packages.


The law provides for an advisory council i.e. the Rwanda Health Insurance Council, which is placed under the Ministry of Health. The Council will be tasked with advising and supervising health insurance activities in the country in as far as access to quality health care services is concerned.


After   receiving   explanations provided    by  Rwandan  Health  Minister   , Hon. Agnes  BINAGWAHO  , the  Plenary  Session  of the Senate   adopted  the  relevance of two draft  laws  and   the  Senate  Standing Committee on Social Affairs, Human Rights and Petitions  will  continue  to examine  those  draft  laws.