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Senators join hands with Bugesera residents in community work

|   Senate

After a fruitful retreat at the end of which serviceable recommendations were made, Senators joined Ruhuha residents in the community work held on 30 November 2019.

The activity of the day was the construction of new roads in the site earmarked for the development of modern housing units. The site is being developed on the initiative of locals themselves in efforts to increase the market value of their plots of land with a view to attracting potential buyers and developers.

In a meeting with locals, Rt. Hon. Dr Augustin Iyamuremye, Senate President, reminded them of the Fundamental principles specified in Article 10 of the Constitution, recalling that the Senate has the responsibility to monitor the application of the same. Therefore, he urged them to always keep them in mind and make sure they respect them as they are part of every Rwandan’s routine.

In the light of the topic of the meeting related to the protection of rights of people with disabilities, Dr Iyamuremye underlined that such rights are well enshrined in one of the fundamental principles about equal opportunities to social justice. Hence, no person should in any circumstance, deny people with disabilities their constitutional rights.

The Senate President further urged the residents to maintain security, fight corrupt acts and respect each other’s rights as stipulated in the fundamental principles.

The community members were as well given the opportunity to express their views and ask questions related to their socioeconomic situation. More particularly, the Senators and other officials present in the meeting vowed to give urgent attention to the case of injustice experienced by a child native of Nyagatare District.

The community work of November 2019 is the first one involving all members of the Third Senate within the community outreach framework.