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Senate News

President of Senate commends ACP-EU joint Assembly framework

|   Senate

On 19th November 2019, the President of the Senate of Rwanda, Rt Hon Dr Iyamuremye Augustin officially opened the 38th sessions of the African, Caribbean and Pacific and European Union (ACP-EU) Joint Parliamentary Assembly (JPA) in Kigali, Rwanda at Kigali Convention Centre.

This ceremony gathered the Parliamentarians of the ACP-EU, Members of the Parliament of Rwanda, Members of Government of Rwanda and various public institution, the Diplomatic Corps and many other participants.

In his opening remarks, on behalf of the President of the Republic of Rwanda, Rt. Hon. Dr Iyamuremye Augustin wished ACP-EU Parliamentarians to have fruitful sessions and he added that as Parliamentarians from various countries, it is a time revise their responsibilities for working for people.

He said, “It is up to each country to show more ambition and creativity to meet the expectations and aspirations of its people, and in particular to work with them, to create the conditions and the environment needed to improve the quality of their lives.”

He pointed out that during their exchanges Members of Parliament will enrich from Rwanda's transformational experiences particularly at social and development levels. He also ensures Rwanda’s full partnership as it has always.

“Rwanda commends the ACP-EU framework and we are ready to continue working with partners who increasingly share the concept of aid as a transitional measure rather than an end in itself and who subscribe to a shared vision of cooperation based on skills development, integration, and exchange.” He added.

Co-Presidents of the ACP-EU, hon. Carlos Zorrinho and hon. Michel Kamano has insisted and thanked Rwanda to have hosted these meetings and for all the arrangements put in place to make it successful.

During the plenary sittings of Members of Parliament of ACP-EU, joint Assembly will scrutinize various topics regarding the main challenges such as the state of food security and nutrition, integration of a gender perspective into conflict management and migration and sustainable growth for people.