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Senators join Kirehe residents in Community work -Umuganda

|   Senate
Senator MAKUZA Bernard , Vice President of the Senate with Kirehe residents in Community work


This Saturday, September 28, 2013, Senators and senate staff led by Vice President, Hon. Senator Bernard MAKUZA, joined residents of Nyamugari sector in Kirehe District in monthly community work, commonly known as Umuganda.

The Senators and Kirehe residents sowed maize on 25 hectares of consolidated land of Bukora Cell. The Members of Lutheran Church from Tanzania also joined their neighbors in this community work.

Speaking to residents in a meeting after the community work, Vice President of the Senate, Bernard MAKUZA explained that they joined residents in community works as part of their efforts to get closer to their electorate. He urged the residents of Bukora Cell to participate actively in governments programs; he asked them to take care of corn for selling a good product on the market.

The maize farmers testified before the Senators, how they were able to increase their yields up to 7 times as a result of using modern technologies and consolidating their land.