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Umuganda is an Innovative Home-grown Solution, Senate President says

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The Senate President, Rt. Hon. Makuza Bernard, alongside with a group of Senators on April 27, 2019 joined residents of Musanze District’s Sector of Gacaca to build a new road from the main road to communities in Nyamugari, in Gasakuza cell. The road will help bring electricity to homes in Nyamugari cell, all the more so the transport of electrification materials had been impossible, because of lack of access to the area. 

Addressing the residents after Umuganda, Rt. Hon. Makuza highlighted the importance of Umuganda, qualifying it as an innovative home-based solution Rwandans have come up with. “Umuganda is a valuable and unique innovative home-grown solution Rwandans have chosen, identifying what’s needed and joining forces towards seeking challenges,” he said.     

He added Umuganda is a strong foundation which has been key to promoting unity among Rwandans. “Unity remains a strong pillar of all our nation’s achievements. Whenever we stand united, we can’t allow anyone to topple our efforts.  It’s important for us to stay united to be able to preserve our ongoing achievements, and register more success,” he said.  

Senate President called on residents of Musanze to keep working hand in hand with security organs and maintain security, adding that the onus is on each and every Rwandan to maintain security. He said security is the foundation for Rwanda’s achievements. He seized the opportunity to urge parents to care for their kids, and send them to school for their kids to become future citizens capable of developing their motherland.

Umuganda activities organized at the end of April have seen Senators join people in all the Districts of the Northern Province whilst a group of 40 members of the Chamber of Deputies joined residents of the District of Rutsiro where activities consisted in digging a 3.5-kilometer-long trench to lay water pipes and of the District of Gatsibo where activities focused on digging anti-erosion ditches in the catchment area of the Kanyonyomba marshland as part of environmental protection. Also, members of the Chamber of Deputies spoke with locals after Umuganda with a focus on various national development programs.