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Senate News

Senators elected Chairpersons of Standing Committees

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On 30 October 2019, Rt. Hon. Dr. Iyamurenye Augustin, President of the Senate chaired the first plenary sitting held right after new Senators were sworn in on 17 October 2019. The only item on agenda was “the election of Chairpersons and Deputy Chairpersons of Standing Committees.

Members of Committees and their Chairpersons are as follows: Mermbes of the Standing Committee on Political Affairs and Governancec are Hon. Dushimimana Lambert (Chairperson); Hon. Murangwa N. Hadidja, (Deputy Chairperson); Hon. Karangwa Chrysologue; Hon. Nsengiyumva Fulgence; Hon. Ntidendereza William and Hon. Uwera Pélagie.

Members of the Standing Committee on Economic Development and Finance are Hon. Nkusi Juvénal, (Chairperson); Hon. Uwimana Consolée, (Deputy Chairperson); Hon. Kalimba Zephyrin; Hon. Mupenzi George; Hon. Nkurunziza Innocent and Hon. Nyinawamwiza Laëtitia.

Members of the Standing Committee on Social Affairs and Human Rights are Hon. Umuhire Adrie, (Chairperson); Hon. Habineza Faustin, (Deputy Chairperson); Hon. Habiyakare François; Hon. Havugimana Emmanuel; Hon. Mureshyankwano Marie Rose and Hon. Niyomugabo Cyprien.

Members of the Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs, Cooperation and Security are Hon. Bideri John Bonds, (Chairperson); Hon. Mukakalisa Jean d’Arc, (Deputy Chairperson); Hon. Kanyarukiga Ephrem; Hon. Nyagahura Marguerite and Hon. Uyisenga Charles.

The plenary assembly further approved the proposal by the Bureau of the Senate on the composition of the Committee in charge of Assessment of the Senate’s Activities, Senators’ Conduct and Immunity, to be comprised of Hon. Karangwa Chrysologue, (Chairperson); Hon. Uwera Pélagie, (Deputy Chairperson); Hon. Havugimana Emmanuel; Hon. Mupenzi George and Hon. Mureshyankwano Marie Rose.