Abadepite bateguye igikorwa cyo gusura abaturage mu Gihugu hose hibandwa ku bikorwa remezo

Umunsi umwe nyuma yo gusoza igihembwe gisanzwe, Abadepite bose bateguye ingendo zo kwegera abaturage mu Tugari twose tw’Igihugu hagamijwe kumenya...

MPs to carry out field visits all over the country dedicated to infrastructure development

One day after closing the 1st ordinary session of 2019/2020, Members of Parliament/Chamber of Deputies have organised field visits to be held in...

The Parliament goes into recess

On 04 December 2019, both Chambers of Parliament concluded their first ordinary sessions for 2019/2020, as provided for by Article 72 of the...

Senators join hands with Bugesera residents in community work

After a fruitful retreat at the end of which serviceable recommendations were made, Senators joined Ruhuha residents in the community work held on 30...

Senate News

Parliament of Rwanda to host ACP Assembly and ACP-EU joint Assembly

From 14th to 21st November 2019, The Parliament of Rwanda hosts the 55th Session of the Africa Caribbean Pacific Parliamentary Assembly and 38th Session of the ACP-EU Joint Parliamentary Assembly in Kigali, Rwanda at Kigali Convention Centre.


Within a week-days of work, those high-level meetings will feature various activities such as the plenary of the ACP Parliamentary Assembly, meeting of the commissions of ACP, Youth Conference, Women’s Forum, and the formal opening sitting of the 38th Session of the Joint Parliamentary Assembly and plenary proceedings. In addition, Members of the ACP-EU Joint Parliament Assembly will visit different projects including Karama Integrated Model Village, Mount Kigali Power Substation and Bella Flowers project.


The ACP-EU Joint Parliamentary Assembly will debate on the state of food security and nutrition, integration of a gender perspective into conflict management and migration and sustainable growth for people with the aim to bring the matters to resolutions on “challenges addressed at the COP25” and on the “threat of climate change to fisheries and aquaculture.”


These Parliamentary Assemblies will gather about 350 participants from 79 African, Caribbean and Pacific states and 28 European Parliament counterparts. The Joint Parliamentary Assembly is the only international assembly in which the representatives of various countries sit together regularly with the aim of promoting the interdependence of North and South where representatives of the 79 ACP states who, under the Cotonou Agreement, meet their 28 European Parliament counterparts twice a year in plenary session alternately in the European Union and an ACP State.