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Senate News

Senate of Rwanda to hold a retreat and community work in Bugesera District

|   Senate

From 27 to 29 November 2019, Senators will hold a retreat in Bugesera District. The retreat is meant to discuss ways and means the Senate can further teamwork to take its performance to another level, as they look into the role that its administrative services can play to facilitate Senators to discharge their duties.

The retreat is mostly expected to provide induction of new Senators into functions. In particular, the retreat will help Senators dig deeper into the rationale of the establishment of the Senate and its significance as one of the highest public institutions; exchange views on organisation and functioning of the Senate and adopt strategies to enable the Third Senate to achieve its mission.

In his opening remarks, the President of the Senate Dr Iyamuremye Augustin extended the gratitude to all senators and senior staff of Senate who are participating in the retreat. He expressed the high expectations from the resolutions of the retreat to achieve the mission of the Senate.

During this 2 days, we will reflect on the ways of accomplishing our responsibilities as senators. As we oversee the actions of the government, we are also accountable to our duties.” The President of the Senate added.

The retreat will be made of the presentation of topics followed by sessions of discussion. The following are topics to be tackled:

  • Analysis of Fundamental Principles Specified in Article 10 of the Constitution of the Republic of Rwanda of 2003 Revised in 2015 and extend to which the Government Facilitates their Application;
  • Responsibilities of the Senate after the Revision of the Constitution of the Republic of Rwanda in 2015;
  • Analysis of the State Budget and how the Opinion of the Senate on the State Finance Bill before its Final Adoption, Can Contribute further to the Achievement of National Development Goals;
  • Overview of the Provisions of the Organic Law Determining the Functioning of the Senate;
  • ICT and how it can be used as a potential tool for the Senate to fulfil its duties.

At the end of the retreat on 30 November 2019, Senators will join residents of Ruhuha Sector of Bugesera District, in the monthly community work (Umuganda).

The community wok will be dedicated to the development of Kindama settlement site by constructing new roads. The roads will be constructed on the land given away by locals in efforts to make their plots of land accessible, hence attracting potential housing developers.

After the activity, there will be a meeting of Senators and the residents on topics covering socio-economic development issues.