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Senate News

Senate urges enhancement in fighting against genocide denial

|   Senate

On this 18th December 2019, Senators held a meeting on the results of the research conducted on the situation of the denial and revisionism of the genocide against the Tutsi occurring abroad and the strategies to fight against them.

In his opening remarks, The President of the Senate Rt. Hon. Dr Iyamuremye Augustin said that the research meets the mandate of the Senate which is to monitor the application of the fundamental principles stipulated in articles 10 of the Constitution. The research on the situation genocide denial and revisionism falls into one of the fundamental principles which is “the prevention and punishment of the crime of genocide, fighting against denial and revisionism of genocide as well as eradication of genocide ideology and all its manifestations.”

“It is relevant to organise this consultative meeting, given that this research has been published by the Second term of the Senate. Senators of the third term need to understand in-depth the content of this research before conducting an awareness campaign about the strategies of fighting against genocide denial and revisionism”. The President of the Senate added.

Chairperson of the Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs, Cooperation, and Security in the Senate of Rwanda, Hon. Bideri John Bonds stated that this meeting has an objective of illustrating the situation and the transmission of the genocide denial and revisionism occurring abroad, before conducting an awareness campaign, on this research, to the general public.

In their interactions, Senators commended this research and vowed to disseminate the results and strategies of fighting genocide ideology. Moreover, they urged all institutions to contribute to the dissemination of the research.

Senators also visited the Campaign against the Genocide Museum to witness the heroism of Rwandans who stood up to stop the Genocide against the Tutsi in April 1994.