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Parliament closes its 2nd Ordinary session of 2020/2021

|   Chamber Of Deputies

On 6 April 2021, both Chambers of Rwanda Parliament separately closed their Second Ordinary Sessions of 2020/2021 that had started on 5th February 2021.

Addressing the Plenary Sitting, the President of the Senate Right Honorable Dr Iyamuremye Augutin reminded that within all of its activities, the Senate of Rwanda kept an eye on its particular responsibilities of monitoring the application of fundamental principles.

He also noted that during this concluded Session, the Senate approved the appointment of 7 high public officials and it also adopted the Organic Law governing the Rwandan Nationality.  He added that concerning the oversight of Government activities, the Prime Minister informed Parliament, in a joint plenary sitting, the government’s plan related to economic recovery with a focus on industrialisation.

He also said that the Minister of Infrastructure delivered to the senatorial plenary assembly oral explanations on issues identified in expropriation processes, especially those in relation with roads construction and extension. 

The President of the Senate also pointed out that in this Session, Senators participated in various activities that took place through the use of technology, including international conferences, workshops, and various meetings and activities of the parliamentary forums.

On the side of the Chamber of Deputies, the closing of the second ordinary session was preceded by the election of the members of the Bureaus of the Standing Committees and the Bureau of the Committee in charge of Assessment of the Chamber of Deputies Activities, Deputies’ Conduct, Discipline and Immunity. This is under article 49 of the law determining the functioning of the Chamber of Deputies that determines that the Standing Committees after the expiry of their term of two and a half (2.5) years, Deputies once again register in Standing Committees and vote their Bureau and article 53 of this law stipulates that Members of the bureau of the Standing Committee serve for a term of office of two and a half (2½) years.

The Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies Right Honorable Mukabalisa Donatille said that during this session, they approved the relevance of 11 bills and 8 laws were adopted and sent for promulgation.

In their oversight roles, she stated that the Minister of Justice was summoned and provided oral explanations on the issues raised in the report of the Public Accounts Committee on the analysis of the report of 'the Auditor General of the year that ended on 30/6/2019, including the losses incurred as the result of decisions taken by some of the officials that led to the State being brought to unnecessary litigation.

Speaker Mukabalisa also recalled that different parliamentary Standing Committees tabled their report before the Plenary after their oversight on different subjects and that the resolutions were sent to the Government.

Both the Speaker and the President of the Senate concluded their closing remarks with messages of solidarity with all Rwandans in honouring and remembering the victims of the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi.