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Members of Bureau and PAC Committee Members taking Photo of Souvenir with Germany Ambassador.



The visiting Germany Minister for Economic Cooperation and Development Mr. NIEBEL Dirk paid a call to the Speakers of the Parliament of Rwanda. The meeting brought together the delegation from Germany and Members of Parliament. Also present were the Deputy Speakers of Houses of Parliament of Rwanda (Hon. GAKUBA Jeanne d’Arc, Hon. MAKUZA Bernard, Hon KALISA Evariste and Hon. KANKERA Marie Josee), Committee head of the Public Accounts Committee and the Deputy Committee head of the National Patrimony and Budget in the Chamber of Deputies.

Hon. Mukantabana Rose, the Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies welcomed the Minister and his entire delegation in Rwanda and the parliament in particular, the Speaker thanked the visiting Minister for the support from the Germany Government especially in the sectors of Health, governance and the Decentralization.

Mukantabana, went ahead to inform the Germany delegation that the government of Rwanda has embarked on sensitizing the citizens to have a hand in poverty reduction strategies and job creation as the only way to achieve the MDGs.

The Speaker further expressed that the parliament has been at the forefront of scrutinizing the Executive so that the taxpayers money is used appropriately; She also went ahead to mention that after the formation of the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) in the Chamber of Deputies, proper management of Public finance has improved tremendously, it was during this encounter that Hon. NKUSI Juvenal revealed to the meeting that 40% of public institutions produced clean reports.

With policies, strategies and processes in place, the Speaker told the German delegation that by 2020, Rwanda will be middle Income Country.

For the Germany Minister, He expressed his sympathy to the people of Rwanda for the 1994 Genocide against Tutsi that befell this country and left the economy in shambles, Mr. DIRK NIEBEL didn’t hesitate to tell the meeting that he was impressed with how Rwanda uses the development funds from donor Countries.

He also went ahead to indicate areas that the Germany Government is supporting Rwanda and these include: Decentralization, tertiary education and sustainable development. The minister also revealed to the meeting that regional integration would be conducive while bargaining in international organizations such as IMF & World Bank and on this; the Minister said that the Germany Government was fully behind the EAC.

On institutional relations, the visiting minister encouraged the parliament of Rwanda to work closely with the Bundestag through inter-parliamentary for such as IPU, ACP-EU and also reciprocal visits by Members of Parliament from both Countries.

During the same encounter, Rt. Hon. NTAWUKULIRYAYO Jean Damascene, the president of the Senate of Rwanda talked about ‘parliamentary Diplomacy’ as a channel for conflict resolution in the Great Lakes Region and he cited examples through the International Conference on the Great Lakes Region Parliamentary Forum (ICGRL/PF), the Sudan and South Sudan Parliamentarians met to resolve the conflict in the two countries and also raised the instability in the Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo that the same forum was vibrant to seek amicable solutions to the conflict.

Dr. NTAWUKULIRYAYO informed the visiting delegation that, the Government of Rwanda through internal assessment methods, the “National dialogue” and “National retreat” provided by the constitution of Rwanda are ways that were introduced to keep public servants at bay in terms of evaluation and lay strategies to achieve the vision 2020.

He also informed the minister that in September 2013, Rwanda will hold parliamentary elections and he promised that the elections will be free, fair and credible given that the ground is leveled for all political organizations to participate.