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Kwibuka Abanyapolitiki bishwe kubera kurwanya Jenoside, ni igikorwa cy’ingenzi- Dr. Iyamuremye.

Kuri uyu wa kabiri tariki ya 13 Mata 2021, mu Rwanda hasojwe icyumweru cy’icyunamo, cyo kwibuka ku nshuro ya 27, Jenoside yakorewe Abatutsi, umunsi...

Inteko Ishinga Amategeko yasoje igihembwe cya kabiri gisanzwe cy’umwaka wa 2020/2021

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Senate approves appointment of the Ombudsman among other officials

|   Senate

The Senate Plenary Assembly in its sitting of 19 November 2020 as chaired by the Rt. Hon. Dr. Augustin IYAMUREMYE, Senate President, considered and approved the appointments of officials to different positions, among them, Mrs NIRERE Madeleine who was confirmed in the position of the Ombudsman.

Hon. DUSHIMIMANA Lambert, Chairperson of the Standing Committee on Political Affairs having considered the biographical information of the Ombudsman Designate, expressed confidence in her, citing her proven competence, experience and devotion, making her a perfect fit for the job.

Thereafter, the Plenary Assembly proceeded with the approval of appointments of three other officials, basing on reports on consideration of their biographical information as tabled respectively by the Standing Committee on Economic Development and Finance and the Standing Committee on Social Affairs and Human Rights. Those officials are Dr. Anitha ASIIMWE, Director General of Child Development Agency; Amb. MASOZERA Robert, Director General of Rwanda Cultural Heritage Academy and Dr SEKOMO Birame Christian, Director General of National Industrial Research and Development Agency.

The Plenary Assembly finally approved the reappointment of Mrs Caritas MUKANDASIRA whose term of office has been renewed as Deputy Chief Gender Monitor.