The Senate has the following organs :

•    Plenary Assembly
•    Conference of the Chairperson
•    The Bureau

1.    The Plenary Assembly is composed by :

All members of the Senate.

2.    The Conference of the Chairpersons is composed by :

-    Members of the Bureau of the Senate
-    Chairpersons and Vice Chairpersons of Standing Committees.

3.    The Bureau of the Senate is composed by :

-    The President of the Senate ;
-    Two Vice-Presidents.

4.    Standing Committees

There are four ( 4) Standing Committees and a Committee in Charge of Conduct of Senators and evaluation of the Senate activities :

-    Committee on Political and Good Governance ;
-    Committee on Economic Development and Finance ;
-    Committee on Foreign Affairs, Cooperation and Security ;
-    Committee on Social Affairs and Human Rights and Petitions.

The Plenary Assembly can appoint adhoc Committees to deal with specific issues

5.    Administration

The administration of the Senate is under the responsibility of a Clerk who  carries on his or her duties under the supervision of the Bureau of the Senate.