Foundamental Principles

According to the Constitution, the Senate supervise the application of the principles referred to in article 10 and the provisions of Article 56 and 57 of the Constitution.

a)    Principles referred to in article 10:


1.    Fighting the ideology of genocide and all its manifestations;

2.    Eradication of ethnic, regional and other divisions and promotion of national unity;

3.    Equitable sharing of power;

4.    Building a state governed by the rule of law, a pluralistic democratic government, equality of all Rwandans and between women and men reflected by ensuring that women are granted at least thirty per cent of posts in decision making organs;

5.    Building a State committed to promoting social welfare and establishing appropriate mechanisms for ensuring social justice;

6.    The constant quest for solutions through dialogue and consensus.

b) Article 57 stipulates that:


Political organisations are prohibited from basing themselves on race, ethnic group, tribe, lineage, region, sex, religion or any other division which may lead to discrimination.

Political organizations must constantly reflect the unity of the people of Rwanda and gender equality and complementarity, whether in the recruitment of members, putting in place organs of leadership and in their operations and activities.