Visit the Chamber of Deputies

The Parliament is the house of the people of Rwanda, an institution open to the citizens, an institution that is yours. This is where those elected by the people vote the laws, exercise oversight of the executive, and debate questions of general interest. We invite you to come and visit your Parliament.

How Can I Visit the Rwandan Parliament?

There are many ways to visit:

1. Take a guided tour.

A guide will show you around the building, explain what Parliament does and how it works. If you’ve never been to Parliament before, we recommend a guided tour for your first visit.

2. Observe debates in the Plenary Session.

You can observe plenary sessions from the public galleries of the Chamber.

3. Attend a committee meeting.

You can observe committee discussions. If you wish to speak before a committee, authorization is required.

4. Consult the Parliamentary library.

Students and researchers can conduct research in the Parliamentary library.
Meetings with Parliamentarians or with Parliamentary staff or special study visits can also be arranged upon request.

When Can I Visit ?

Guided tours are offered (by reservation) on Tuesday and Thursday.
The work of the committees begins at 9 and ends at 12 noon; plenary sessions begin at 3 pm and end at 6 pm.

The calendar of parliamentary sessions is the following:

•February 5 to April 5
• June 5 to August 5
• October 5 to December 5
The schedule of plenary sessions and committee meetings may take place every week. Please consult the schedule.

How Long Does a Visit Last?

The average guided tour lasts one and half hours.
What Languages are Tours Offered In?
Tours are offered in Kinyarwanda, French and English.

Who Can Take A Tour?

Tours are provided for organized groups only. Any organized group such as a school, community group, sports club, social club, tourist group or NGO is very welcome.
If you are an individual and wish to visit, unfortunately, we cannot offer you a tour but we invite you to come and observe a plenary session or committee meeting.

How Many Can Visit at One Time?

The maximum group size is 20 adults or one class of students. If you have a larger group, please inquire in advance.

How Do I Book A Tour?

A guided tour must be requested in writing at least one month in advance. 
You will receive a written confirmation letter.
At least one week in advance, you must submit a list with the complete names, identity card numbers and addresses of all participants.
No tours are offered without advance reservations.

What Must I Bring For A Tour?

You must bring your tour confirmation letter with you. Everybody who is visiting Parliament must also bring proof of identification, which you will need to leave with the security guards at the gate.
Please arrive at the entry gate at least 15 minutes before the start of your tour for security procedures.

Where do I Park?

You will be directed to an appropriate spot by the security staff.

Are Refreshments Available?

There is a canteen at Parliament that offers refreshments.

What if I only wish to observe a debate, and not take a tour?

No reservations are needed to observe plenary sessions or committee meetings. You will however be required to sign in and leave your identification card at the gate.

Can I take Photos?

Yes with prior authorization.

How can I consult the Parliamentary Library?

Students and researchers are welcome Monday to Friday between 7 a.m. and 5 p.m. all year round. No reservations are required. However, you will need to leave proof of identification at the security gate.
For all other inquiries, please contact the Protocol Office at the Parliament.
Director of Protocol,
Rwanda Parliament,
P.O. Box 352, Kigali, Rwanda