Rwanda Women Parliamentary Forum (FFRP) 


Rwanda Women Parliamentary Forum (RWPF) was the first to be established among networks and Forums affiliated to the Parliament of Rwanda. It was set up in 1996 by Women of the National Transitional Assembly, irrespective of their political leanings, so as to strengthen the role of Women Parliamentarians in the Rwandan society, in general, and the Parliament of Rwanda in particular. All women Parliamentarians, Senators and Deputies are the Forum’s effective members.

Rwanda Women Parliamentary Forum (RWPF) is a mechanism of facilitating Gender integration in the Parliament.

It works hand in hand with the Parliament to integrate Gender at all levels through different actions:

-    Sensitization ;
-    Strengthening women empowerment;
-    Integrating Gender in laws, policies, programmes, projects and budgets on central and decentralized levels;

“The Government of Rwanda is committed to (…) building a state governed by the rule of law, a pluralist democratic government, equality of all Rwandans and between women and men reflected by ensuring that women are granted at least thirty per cent of posts in decision making organs”



Deputy Alphonsine MUKARUGEMA, elected president
Holder of a "Licence" in Law.
Member of the Standing Committee on Political Affairs and Gender.
"Societies in which women are thoroughly represented in decision making instances are more peaceful and stable.
I support and work for women capacity building and empowerment."


Deputy Aurelie GAHONGAYIRE, elected Vice-president
Holder of a "Licence" in Demography.
Member of the Standing Committee on Social Affairs.
"Worried for the welfare of the population, its development and health, my position as a Parliamentarian is an opportunity to plead for the whole population particularly women, children and all vulnerable persons." 

Deputy Nura NIKUZE, elected Treasurer
Holder of a "Licence" in Economy.
Member of the Standing Committee on Economy and Trade.
"To be a member of Parliament is for me an opportunity to continue ma contribution of promoting gender at national level.
It is also an occasion of doing advocacy for the improvement of poor people economic situation."


Senator Henriette UMULISA, elected Secretary General
Commercial Engineer.
Member of the Standing Committee on Economic Development and Finance in the Senate.
"Good governance, democracy, quality of work, and economic independence are unavoidable ways for eradicating poverty and ignorance.
Women and the youth must, particularly, be the focal point of socio-economic transformation.
The values that I fight for are: Love, integrity and humility."



‘‘To contribute to the building of an egalitarian, equitable, inclusive and participatory society, playing the influential role in gender matters in accordance with the Parliament mission’’.


‘‘A society characterized by unity, equality and equity between men and women.’’



Contribute to the capacity building of Parliamentary Women in the framework of their parliamentary role in general and of their position of advocacy for the consideration of Gender dimension within the Parliamentary mission, structure and axe strategies.


-    To promote solidarity among Rwandan Parliamentary Women and thus support their blooming beyond the ideologies of their respective political parties;

-    To sensitize Rwandan parliamentary women to mutual support in all circumstances: happy or unhappy.

-    To continue to strengthen the national unity, consolidate peace and fight against  the genocide ideology in all its forms;

-    To sensitize Rwandan parliamentary women to adopt strategies enabling them to advocate for the elaboration and the adoption of laws and policies taking into account gender dimension;

-    To sensitize Members of Parliament, all public and private institutions to support the activities aiming at promoting the welfare of Rwandan women in general, and women and children survivors of the 1994 Genocide and massacres in particular.

-    To intervene in the revision and abrogation of laws and practices containing  discrimination against women and in the elaboration and adoption of laws taking into consideration the principles of gender equality in the national development;

-    To adopt suitable strategies of implementation of laws and recommendations enacted in respect of women and children during the national, regional and international conferences;

-    To build the Rwandan parliamentary women capacity in order to better carry out their attributions and contribute to activities of increasing the number of women occupying the  decision making posts;

-    To strengthen the partnership relations between the Forum and various institutions and national or international networks;

-    To undertake any action likely to enable the achievement of objectives mentioned-above.


For a better fulfilment of its Mission, The Rwanda Women Parliamentary Forum has set up the following organs:

a) The General Assembly

It is RWPF supreme organ, composed of all effective members.

b) The Executive Committee

It is responsible for commitments taken on behalf of the Forum. It provides tools and suitable services and supervises their management.

The Executive Committee is composed of 9 members:

• One President;
• One Vice-President;
• One Secretary General;
• One Treasury;
• Five Presidents of Committees.

The bureau of the Committee is composed of:

-    The President;
-    The Vice-President;
-    The Treasurer;
-    The Secretary General.

c) Permanent Commissions  

RWPF has put up five permanent commissions. Those commissions are specific entities of analysis and advocacy for the implementation of RWPF mission in terms of:

•    RWPF members capacity-building and women empowerment;
•    Advocacy;
•    Legislation;
•    The Forum partnership with other institutions;
•    Gender.

d) Surveillance Council

The Surveillance Council is composed of 3 members elected by the General Assembly. It is in charge of:
-    Controlling the Forum accounts;
-    Monitoring application of the General Assembly instructions by the Executive Committee;
-    Resolution of conflicts which may arise between members of the Forum.

e) Executive Secretariat

The Executive Secretary ensures the daily management of RWPF. It is headed by a Coordinator assisted by the Secretary.

Internal Rules



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